Farewell, Summer.

Glorious SunshineUsually, around this time of the year, I start feeling the ‘blahs’ coming on with the days becoming shorter and darker.

But after discovering the magic of the Happy Light, and light therapy, life this time of the year feels normal again.

In fact, the fall season is actually quite enjoyable now, and I’m looking forward to fall decorating and sharing with you here next week.


Here’s a little look back on the goings on up here on our mountain this summer:



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Happy Autumn! Tell me your favorite season in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell, Summer.”

  1. I don’t care for winter either!

    As for that Happy Light, I may have to get one for my dad! He loves hot summer days and lots of sunlight, so this upcoming winter is not making him a happy camper at all! 😀

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