Glorious Sunshine

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I’m very rusty at using a computer these days; the discovery of the convenience of an ipad and iphone has put our computer into a semi permanent shut down mode for probably a year now, at least. Powering it back up was quite the ordeal with all the updating and fixes it needed. But I think I’ve got it up to date and operating smoothly. (Fingers crossed)  It’s definitely going to take some time for this ole’ Blogger platform girl to learn to navigate WordPress, so please be patient as you will probably see lots of changing and rearranging every time you come here until I figure it all out.

This morning, we saw a brief glimpse of sunshine. It was absolutely glorious while it lasted.

My hope for this online journal, is to be encouraging to women in all seasons of their lives, and to shine a good light to others.  (Matthew 5:16) While this is not intended to be just a religious blog, my faith is a huge part of who I am and so it’s bound to come through…and I’m going to start off right now by being completely unapologetic for that.  I have decided that I will not let my fear of offending an unbeliever cause me to not express my own thoughts and feelings. There is always the option to not visit if you are not inclined to do so. No hard feelings at all, promise! 🙂

Within this site, you may find journal type of posts, inspirational words I stumble across, my own ponderings, as well as homemaking, homeschooling, living frugal, budgeting, meal planning, recipes and maybe even some weight loss posts as I’m about 70 pounds into my 100 pound weight loss journey.

My plan is to post every Tuesday and Thursday, so be sure to bookmark Life on our Mountain and/or subscribe to the mailing list to get notifications of new posts.


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