Minimal Fall Decor

Over the course of a four year span, I have de-cluttered and purged at least 50% of our “stuff”.  This is a subject that I am really looking forward to talking about in a series of upcoming posts that I plan to share with you here.

For years, I’d deck out the whole place in decoration according to which ever season we were in.  Today, a lot has changed, especially my mindset towards having a lot of excess. 

These days, I prefer very minimal seasonal decorations, and am enjoying just a few simple touches of autumn in our living room, which happens to be the only room that I change decor in seasonally.

Our mantel is the focal point of the room, and I like to change my decorations there with every changing season. 

Touches of Fall 3


I like having only three small pumpkins on the mantel, along with a small string of twinkle lights and bunting hanging across the front of the fireplace.  It’s minimal, yet it still feels festive and is just the perfect amount of decorations for my simple style. 

My hand-made crocheted bunting is made by my friend, Anna Wise. You can find Anna on Instagram @lifegracecrochet, where she is currently taking custom orders as she sets up her etsy shop. 

About the chalkboard…

I found the chalkboard many years ago at Hobby Lobby (if I remember correctly).  I have never been an artist and drawing on the chalkboard, like I had envisioned I could do, just didn’t come to me naturally or with practice.  I’ve tried other artwork there, and nothing seems to look right on that huge blank space except the chalkboard. So until the right piece catches my eye, I’ll just keep writing the new month on this chalkboard and call it good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Touches of Fall 1


Touches of Fall 2


I adore pretty candles, although I rarely burn them these days unless they are unscented. You can almost always find me using essential oils in a diffuser to freshen up the room – it’s so much more better for your health and lungs. 


Touches of Fall 4


What is your style of decorating for fall? Do you enjoy a lot of decorations or just a few simple touches like myself?  Tell me in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Minimal Fall Decor”

  1. Marissa, less is always best in my opinion. The thought of putting all these decorations up for each season or holiday is daunting to me. But I do enjoy other’s decorations. Just glad I don’t have to put it all away.
    Enjoyed this blog.
    PS: I’m not one to follow along in blogs. I’ll try here n there.โ™ก

  2. It started out with just a pumpkin spice candle when my girls were little. Since then I’ve added to my fall decor collection. It’s really the only season I decorate for. I’ll agree that it is such a hassle to put all the decorations back up. I’m feeling the urge to purge! ๐Ÿ˜€ So less decorating for me this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

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