When a Social Media Break is Good For the Soul

A few days without internet sure puts daily life into a new perspective.

I made the decision a few days ago to remove the Instagram app from my phone for a bit, realizing I was mindlessly reaching for my phone throughout the day to open the app and scroll – wasting time on posts that I had already seen, getting carried away on the explore tab and with accounts that I don’t even follow.

Killing time, precious time.

The day after I removed Instagram, I purposefully kept track of how many times I opened my phone to go into the app.

Four times. There were many other times I thought of Instagram but didn’t act on it because I knew it was no longer on my phone.

The day after that was easier and by two days in, I hadn’t even given it a thought.

I do this taking-a-break ritual a few times a year. I always feel the urge when I’m feeling overwhelmed, feeling like it’s stealing too much of my time or feeling like our home, our things, our lives are less than, because that is the trap of social media and the perfectly curated accounts you are bombarded with every time you log on. And if you aren’t very careful, you’ll be secretly comparing your life and home to theirs.

A couple days into my Insta-break, our internet stopped working. I have to admit, this was, and has been hard. I enjoy listening to podcasts and online music that I pipe all through my house via Alexa, and admittedly, I subscribe to a few YouTube accounts that I enjoy watching while I’m getting my steps in.

I woke up this morning at 6am, and after some scripture and time talking to God, I checked the modem to see if the internet had miraculously fixed itself. Ha! The repair tech is scheduled to come out on January 22nd, but can we possibly make it for over a week without internet?

I think so. I am realizing that I have been accomplishing a lot more without it. I’ve listened to my dramatized Bible (what I used to do before I became addicted to the net), read more and I’ve had more actual conversations with real life people.

I feel so blessed to have grown up before all this internet craze happened. My generation played outside everyday, and ‘screen time’ meant that you woke up early on Saturday to watch cartoons as you ate your cereal before heading outside to play all day with your cousins and friends.

Oh, those simple times! The best times of my life to be sure.