Wellness Wednesday + Mean Green Juice Recipe

Good Wednesday morning to you!  I’ve been thinking of adding a Wellness Wednesday post to my weekly line-up to share about my weight loss and quest to be healthier.

In my last post, I talked about hosting my sister in law’s baby shower, but what I failed to mention is how much sugar and carbs I consumed during the party.  (I’ll talk more specifically all about my weight loss and what I have done and am presently doing in upcoming posts.)

The damage from my week-long detour of baking and making and tasting is +7lbs.

That is a pound a day and very alarming to me.  I have worked really hard to lose 71 of 100 pounds that I set out to lose and I realize how easy it would be to gain it all back if I don’t get a grip back RIGHT NOW.

After feeling so bloated and yuck, my daughter and I decided to pull out the Breville juicer and she made us each a wonderful big quart of her version of Mean Green juice.

Ahhhhh! So very good!  I wanted to share her recipe here, because in my opinion, it is the best Mean Green that I’ve ever tried. Trust me, I’ve completed several thirty-day juice fasts over the years and tried many recipes – this is the best.


I hope you’ll give this recipe a try.  It has the right amount of everything to be deliciously wonderful!

Until next time,